Thursday, March 02, 2006

On to other news, it looks like is shutting down.

Streamload appears to be doing pretty well. They have recently upgraded all of the existing space plans (giving more space) and now ftp is now a official feature. They are not quite-yet done with their new version mediamax, but will be "soon". Interestingly, media max provides limited storage space while current customers are unlimited. They have repeatedly insisted that all existing customers will keep paying the same price and will keep their unlimited storage space.

The new version will only count the file storage quota to files that are unique to you. I.E. If you and a friend have the same file, then the file storage is free. I wonder if its free for both or for only one? If the first still "pays", then what happens when they delete? The second person in line then pays?

I am quite happy with the service pricing as it is now, and I don't know why they are (essentially) punishing new users (if they follow their plan). Maybe they have something up their sleeves (its 250GB storage per month? A button for long-term Archival storage?). The only way to be sure is to sign up to a paying account now (to hang onto the existing plan) and see what happens.

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