Thursday, October 06, 2005

Well, I've been trying out [] and it hasn't been working so well so far. They supposed to provide "Unlimited" email and file storage space. I found it off a DSLreports posting, where someone recommended them. However, I created two accounts and both can login into the webmail-interface and send email, but I can't receive any email or store any files. It seems that the "home directory" wasn't created. When I send a email to myself, it says my username doesn't exist.

Another alternative (FYI) is []. Used to provide unlimited space for free but now its only 10GB. Their gimmick is that you can only download 100MB/month unless you pay a mothly fee for more access (which also provides unlimited storage). However (at the moment) you can store or send files, you can't receive attachments by email (yet). They are currently updating their system so they might add that feature. I've created a little shell-script that serves as my backup that sends my data (in split up archives) to a email address [mainly because so it can easily be automated]

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Blockbusters in-store pricing

At least, in my "town" of Saratoga, CA
$25 for unlimited DVD Movie Rentals (2 at a time)
~$30 for unlimited game rentals (1 at a time)